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We're more than marketing consultants.
We actually get our hands dirty.
And do the work.

At SK Consulting, we help you discover your WHY.

 We'll work with you to find out WHAT sets you apart.

From messaging...

to logo and web design...

to relationship marketing,

to serving as your marketing department,

we help you develop, design and promote your brand in a strategic and effective way.

From Concept.  To Creation.  To Implementation.

small business marketing kansas city

Monica and Rick came to our rescue when we needed help totally revamping our website and helping us with our social marketing plan.  Being a small, but busy business, we were finding it hard to make time to do online and effective marketing ourselves on an ongoing basis.  We contacted SK Consulting and were pleased to see that they wanted to understand our business inside and out before they started any planning.  This helped us all get a better idea of where  we needed the help.  We are continuing with their services on a monthly basis to keep us up to date and up to speed with the ever-growing marketing world.  They have been a blessing to our business.  We are so glad that we chose to partner with them!

Tempe and Scott Hart


Wellbeing Midwest

Our passion is to help organizations, small businesses, home-based businesses and non-profit organizations succeed.  Our vision is to be the premier place for these groups to turn to for guidance in planning and implementing best practices.

We have spent decades developing successful marketing and communications plans for our employers, now we want to share our expertise with you.  Our mission is to design and help your business implement detailed, efficient and effective processes to best promote and grow your organization.

And while we don't like this saying, we truly are your "one stop shop" for branding, marketing and communications.  


From Concept.  

To Creation.  

To Implementation.

Your brand is much more than just your product, your logo, your website or your name.  

If your brand is "all over the place", or if your brand doesn't seem to mesh with who you are or what you do, download our free white paper:

 Understand Your Brand - 7 Must Haves for Developing a Strong Brand.

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