Fountain Award

2017 Fountain Award Winner

SK Consulting was honored with The Business Marketing Association of Greater Kansas City's Fountain Award for their work on the Jazz in The Woods marketing campaign. 

Also nominated for the People's Choice Award, SK Consulting received the Fountain Award for "Multi-Media Campaign Under $25,000."

SK Consulting was hired by Jazz in the Woods, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization to develop a Public Relations and Marketing campaign for the 2017 event.  The final marketing budget approved by the Jazz in the Woods Board of Directors was less than $19,000.

When determining the target audience for Jazz in the Woods, we had to look at a variety of aspects. First, as a non-profit event, we needed to figure out how to raise awareness and pique interest.  Second, since the name was changed last year and sponsors and patrons were upset, we had to find a way to go back to the original name and bring the disgruntled past participants back into the mix.  Finally, since this was the first year with an admission cost, we had to appeal to past patrons and recruit new ones through strategic messaging.

The first step in the process was to change all SoJo SummerFest-branded marketing funnels back to Jazz in the Woods. We went back to the original logo, re-designed the website incorporating the Jazz in the Woods look, feel and messaging. We changed up the social media sites and did a big push once the new website was live.

We did a drip campaign on social media announcing the artists as they came on board. We sent out a Save the Date press release in early January and then a follow up press release once all artists were confirmed.

Our next goal was to secure media sponsorships. We scheduled meetings with the top two local news stations and sent out inquiries to all three major media groups. We developed exclusive sponsorship proposals for each of them along with the Kansas City Star.  We were able to secure KMBC – TV 9, The Kansas City Star and Steel City Media (Mix 93.3 and KC 102.1). By securing 'exclusive' deals with these media partners, we were able to provide Jazz in the Woods significant no-charge added value from each media group.  Through these partnerships, and additional no-charge promotional activities, Jazz in the Woods will receive more than 3.5 million advertising impressions.

Complete results from our efforts will not be known until after the event on June 9th and 10th. What SK Consulting has helped achieve so far:

  • Design and messaging of new Jazz in the Woods website

    • Average weekly page view growth of 10.1% since launch

    • Average weekly unique visitor growth of 9.9% since launch

  • New social media look, posts and ads

    • Average of 10 new followers each week

    • Average of 700 post reach each post

  • Solidification of exclusive media sponsors for the event

  • Solidification of corporate tent and low-level sponsors

  • Design of newspaper and website display ads and development of TV / radio ad scripts

  • Discovering and implementing no-cost promotional avenues

  • Coordinating schedules with performers, the media and benefactors of the event


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