We are SK Consulting and we want to do one thing -


Set your business up for success!

Three months.  In just three months:

  • we'll analyze the market and your business.

  • we'll help determine your brand (or your "Why" - what sets you apart from other businesses).

  • we'll design and construct a logo, a website, marketing materials - whatever you might need.

  • we'll ensure that, if you have a website, you're no longer held hostage by another company.

  • we'll implement effective SEO for your website.

  • we'll design and begin executing a useful social media strategy.

  • we'll develop an external communication plan.

  • we'll work to help you plan and apply relevant paid marketing - be it pay-per-click, social media ads, or traditional print, TV or radio. 


SK Consulting provides a wide range of services to help businesses and individuals save time and money.  By streamlining processes and implementing effective and efficient plans, we help our clients maximize their business results while minimizing their costs.  We base our services and proposals on the needs of our clients.  Let us help you reach and exceed your goals!

We are a small business.  We understand the need to reduce expenses.  That's why we provide a wide range of services to help businesses and individuals save time and money.  

And when we're finished -


YOU have control of your marketing!

YOU don't have to rely on another person or company.

If YOU choose, YOU can hire someone (or someones) to implement these marketing practices.

Let's get started.

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