Are you...

just starting a business?​

without enough money to hire a full-time marketing person?

Are you ready to TAKE CONTROL of your marketing?

We'll do the work for you first.

And then teach you how to do the work yourself.

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At SK Consulting, we want to do one thing -
set your business up for success!

Your total investment will be based upon your needs.  But most of the comprehensive plans are less than $1,500/month.

Give us three months.  In just three months:

  • we'll analyze the market and your business.

  • we'll help determine your brand
    (or your "Why" - what sets you apart from other businesses).

  • we'll design and construct a logo, a website, marketing materials - whatever you might need.

  • we'll ensure that, if you have a website, you're no longer held hostage by another company.

  • we'll implement effective SEO for your website.

  • we'll design and begin executing a useful social media strategy.

  • we'll develop an external communication plan.

  • we'll work to help you plan and apply relevant paid marketing - be it pay-per-click, social media ads, or traditional print, TV or radio. 


And when we're finished -


YOU have control of your marketing!

YOU don't have to rely on another person or company.

If YOU choose, YOU can hire someone (or someones) to implement these marketing practices.

Fill out the form below and take control of your marketing!

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SK Consulting provides a wide range of services to help businesses and individuals save time and money.  By streamlining processes and implementing effective and efficient plans, we help our clients maximize their business results while minimizing their costs.  We base our services and proposals on the needs of our clients.  Let us help you reach and exceed your goals!

After hearing a couple of pitches from large agencies, which promised to under-deliver based on our budget, SK Consulting presented exactly what we could receive with our meager budget.  Never once have we felt like small potatoes.  They told us in the interview that they fully immerse themselves into each project they take on and want to be seen as one of the team.  They have certainly held up their end of the bargain.  They built our website from scratch, integrated social media on the site and maximized story options and design along all channels.  SK Consulting has been able to expand our reach well beyond our imagination.  Through great exclusive partnerships, our event will have at least 3.5 million advertising impressions in the Kansas City market! 

Our return on investment is through the roof!  

Pete Belk
2017 Jazz In The Woods Chairperson

Monica and Rick are an amazing resource to have. They have the experience and knowledge on how to get results without being demanding. I'm proud to tell others about the work that SK Consulting has done for us and would recommend them to anyone. If you haven't had the chance to talk with them about their work, make sure to reach out, it will not be a waste of your time! 

- Brian Price, CEO, Legacy Limo

SK Consulting not only helped me brand myself with their creative abilities, but continue to make sure I'm aware of networking opportunities and connected to other business leaders in the community. I would recommend SK Consulting to anyone looking to find their brand and stand out among competitors!

- Sara Henry, Realtor, Sell It With Sara

New Businesses


Individuals starting up their own businesses have a lot of priorities to juggle.  We help by developing and implementing cost-effective marketing and communications plans utilizing digital, social and traditional media.  We do the strategic planning, saving these business owners time, money and undue stress.

Small Businesses


We understand that smaller companies and organizations have smaller budgets than their larger competitors.  We are here to help these businesses be competitive in their fields regardless of their marketing and promotional budget.

Some of our past and current partners: